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Local Phone Service Providers

See how you can save up to 60% on your local phone service. You can finally say NO to your existing local telephone carrier. Introducing - combined local and long distance phone service! Get your local landline calling and long distance in a bundle, for one LOW monthly fee. Now you can have ONE BILL instead of two, and for only a fraction of the cost from one local telephone company.

Local Telephone Service Providers

(Traditional Phone Landline,  Same as local Bells) We have all the best local phone service companies. Compare them all in your area with the WhiteFence link below.

Local & Bundled Phone Services

Compare phone and internet bundles with WhiteFence.





Local Phone Companies from White Fence, Just enter your address and find the best Deal in your area. AT&t - Qwest - Verizon - Centurytel - Frontier -Windstream - Embarq and dPI. You are seconds away from the best phone and internet deals in your area.

Local Phone Service Providers

Just click on the image above and enter your address to see what local phone service is available to you.

Steelecommerce is constantly adding local phone service providers to our comparisons, click on the image above to see what is currently available for your local telephone provider.





VoIP Provider



Phonepower VoIP



LIngo go talk



Local Phone Service Via the Internet Providers

Internet phone service is beginning to replace local phone service companies. If you have high speed internet (faster than dial up) you may find a better deal on VoIP for your local provider. prices are lower and internet phone providers are not subject to all the taxes on your traditional landline phone bill, Check them out!

VoIP.com - Unlimited calls for only $14.95/ or pay yearly for as low as 10.83 a month. Super low international rates! home phone service for a guaranteed price of only $129.95 for your first year of service! With Voip.com you will not only get FREE calling to the U.S. and Canada but you will also enjoy FREE features like our Second Cloned Line, Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling and VoiceMail. Best Price & Quality!


Phone Power Internet Voice Unlimited Calling from $9.99 FREE: Local Calling, Instate Calling, Out of State Calling, and Calls to Canada. Phone Power  is an experienced company with outstanding customer service and NO termination fees or Contracts. Some monthly promos start local & long distance at $9.99 per month. Best priced VoIP, follow link for monthly prepaid specials.


Lingo Go talk - It's hard to say no to phone services starting from $21.99/month ($49.99 business plans)! Great international rates!


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