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More and more people now choose to move away from Metro Toronto. These people want to cash in on the gains they have experienced in the booming market of real estate properties in the past few years.
Right now, the median price of family homes in Toronto is around $810,000. The neighboring communities like Whitby, Oshawa, Newcastle, and Bowmanville command remarkably lower prices. This lower prices are the very reason why Bowmanville has been such an attractive location for many families and even individuals.
Bowmanville: An Obvious Option for Many Families
People who live in the Durham Region who need to travel to Toronto to work can rest easy and have the peace of mind in knowing that everything they will ever need is within easy reach. Medical and educational facilities are easily accessible all over the region not to mention that these are also well funded. Meanwhile, the childcare subsidies are what help to make it easy and simple to get into the best day care or preschool. If you have aging relatives, you don’t have to worry as you can be sure that they will get the care and assistance they need with the available in-home care programs offered in the area.
Bowmanville also offers a rich plethora of shopping choices as well as restaurants and theaters together with parks, playgrounds and lots of beautiful and lush conservation areas. Fishing, hiking, skiing, horseback riding, and snowboarding are just some of the different famous outdoor activities that you can enjoy when you become a resident of Bowmanville.
A Solid Choice of Residence for Everyone
The newly extended highway, flourishing housing market and the close proximity to Toronto all come together to make it a smart decision to move to Bowmanville. Durham Region sees a quick growth and houses bought in the area are now enjoying an increase in value. In addition, prices in Toronto for even the tiny spaces have way surpassed the ones found in Durham, which make it easy to sell a condo or apartment in the city and possibly move to a full sized house. There are now plenty of benefits that you can reap when you decide to move to Bowmanville and leave the city of Toronto for good.
Bowmanville is also the home to all the big box stores you can think of, including Canadian Tire, Home Depot, many of the national and international chain restaurants and so much more. This is also filled with small boutique stores, with a few of them still existing in its original downtown corridor.
Well, those are just few of the things you can expect when you finally decide to make the move from the city’s hustle and bustle and live in a more peaceful and serene environment.

Choose wisely by visiting where you can find a long list of options for the best of the best houses in this wonderful and panoramic location and for sure, you will never want to move back to the city in the future.