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Spend Less on Local Phone & Internet Phone Service

Lowering your residential phone service costs is one of the easiest ways to get your household budget leaner. Here is a few tips on new ways to lower local, long distance or cell phone service provider costs. Additionally, we will be adding monthly articles on money saving tips for all telecom services and all the links for your phone service comparisons.

1. Pick the right Local Phone Service Provider.

If you are not a broadband phone user, select the lowest cost local and long distance company, or combination of the two Local Phone Service Bundled. Don't settle for the same old providers prices. Since deregulation, hundreds of competing phone companies are offering much lower rates, find the lowest in your area. If you have reasonable local telephone service, but spend mostly on high long distance charges, select a low per minute or unlimited long distance phone company with your local carrier. click on the image below to compare local telephone companies.

"WhiteFence" Local Telephone Service Providers

2. Go High Tech VOIP! ( Internet Phone Service Providers ).

If you have high speed internet service, DSL or Cable. Internet Phone Service has come of age. You can get unlimited local and long distance calling for as little as $19.95 per month, no gimmicks , no local taxes or universal line charges. Small business broadband phone service starts at $39.95 per month. What will you save: About $400 a year, more for businesses, assuming you already have broadband. If not, you will probably break even (and get broadband in the deal). Click on image below to compare internet phone providers.

"PhonePower" Internet Phone Service Providers

3. Cut the Home Phone Cord go Cell Phone Service.

A recent study showed that a cell phone call not going through on the first try fell by half since last year. Canceling your home phone service provider and going Cellular is a better option than ever, but make sure it fits your calling style and you have good local reception in your area. What will you save: The cost of your current local and long distance providers service. Compare wireless rates and sign up for cellular phone service here! We have the two best internet cell phone providers online.

"WIREFLY" Has All The Cell Phone Service Providers

4. Dump the High Cost 411 Directory Assistance Fees.

Using directory assistance can cost 40 cents to about $2.40 each time you use it. A new service, 1-800-FREE411, will give you free lookup and let you talk for several minutes. The catch is you might have to listen to a 10-second advertisement. Keep at phone book where you use your phone the most.

by Gary Steele - Telecom - Phone Service Industry News

Jan 14, 2012

Choosing a Local Telephone Service Provider

How do you know which local phone provider is best for you? We can help you make a more informed decision, the smart shopper saves money on their telephone company bill. Due to deregulation, low cost local phone companies may be offering lower priced deals in your area. With equal access laws, you can get the lower price carrier on the same lines and phones you have now. You can stay with your same local phone plan and choose a cheaper long distance carrier or you may choose to go with a different home telephone provider that combines lower cost local and long distance (Bundled Phone Plans). Additionally, high minute long distance users ( over $30.00 per month) may consider adding a true Unlimited Long Distance carrier to what they have now, this does not involve any switching companies, just adds unlimited long distance minutes to their current local home phone service plan at a lower price. What does it cost: About $35 to $55 a month, plus a few assortment of taxes. What will you save: If you usually spend that on long-distance alone, you' ll be getting local service free. Next article, How to compare Satellite Television Service Providers, are all satellite TV providers the same?  No, and we will tell you why next month.

By Gary Steele

Next Month: Packet8 Internet Phone Service :"the Ultimate in high tech savings".

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